School Board elects new officers

Lee Erwin reporting

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Meeting Tuesday, September 17, the Clarksville-Montgomery County School Board voted in new officers. District 1 board member George Giles will take over the post as Board of Education Chairman in October and Jimmy Garland from District 5 is the new Vice Chairman. Current Chairman Horace Murphy and Vice Chairman Josh Baggett will step down at the end of September.

Point of Pride Awards Tuesday included a plaque and special commemoration given to the family of John Bartee Sr. Bartee, University of Tennessee Extension Director, passed away last July. Bartee provided training, externship opportunities and other support not only to the teachers and students of the school system but to the community as well.

School Board Chairman Horace Murphy talked about Bartee. “He was a man that was about his community and giving into the depths of his heart. He gave until the last breath. The Bartee family can rest assured that he lived the life that he spoke of and it was a joy to have known John Bartee,” Murphy said.

Other Point of Pride Awards handed out at the meeting included Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) business partners with the school system who were part of last summer’s externship program for close to 100 Clarksville-Montgomery County School System (CMCSS) teachers.

Recognized in the first group of businesses was the UT Agricultural Extension Office, Porter’s Farrier Service, the private farms of Stephanie Barnett, Betty Barnett, Tom Daniels, West Foster and Jay Head, APSU G.I.S Department and Clark & Associates.

Next was the City of Clarksville, Clarksville Department of Electricity, Clarksville Fire Rescue, Clarksville Gas & Water, the Clarksville-Montgomery County Regional Airport and the Clarksville Street Department.

Another group of businesses honored were Akebono Brake Corporation, Harris One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, Nystar Zinc Plant, Smithfield Manufacturing, Bi-County Solid Waste Management, Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation, Montgomery County Property Assessor’s Office and TVA-Cumberland City Steam Plant.

A total of over 20 organizations, businesses, farms and government entities donated their time and expertise to help teachers improve CMCSS students’ learning experiences. Before Tuesday’s meeting officials with the school system met with representatives of the businesses to get input and share new ideas for the future of the externship program.

The school board also heard a report on the CMCSS College and Career Academies. There are 7 academies, one at each high school in the school system. The academies are described as a small learning community, made up of a group of students within the high school, who take classes together and are taught by different teachers from different disciplines.

Instruction at the academies is designed around the college and career interests of the various groups of students which offers a college preparatory curriculum with a career theme. A total of 388 CMCSS high school students have taken part in the school system’s College and Career Academies.