Coast Guard Flotilla chartered in Clarksville

Story submitted by James “O’Bee” O’Bryant

CLARKSVILLE, TN – Coast Guard Auxiliary District 8 South, Division 11, Flotilla 07 was officially recognized in a Chartering Ceremony, Saturday, 27 July 2013.

The new organization, designated Flotilla 11-07, is located in Clarksville, and will work closely with the surrounding communities around Montgomery County, assisting in addressing the high number of boating incidents and to promote recreational boating safety.

US Coast Guard Commander Juliet Hudson, Director of Auxiliary of the Eighth Coast Guard District, joined by the District Chief of Staff Rick Schal, District Captain Randy Vendress, and Division Commander Jack Wood performed the Charter Ceremony for Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 11-07. Public support for the Flotilla was represented by Senator Mark Green, County Mayor’s Office, City Mayor’s Office as well as law enforcement represented by John Fuson, Sheriff of Montgomery County.

Fred Gilman will serve as the Flotilla Commander. The new Flotilla, with 16 charter members meets at the Montgomery County Conservation Club the second Tuesday of every month and include volunteers interested in the improving boating safety.

“The formation of this Flotilla is an important step in improving boating on the waterways.” said Fred Gilman. “We are very excited to offer these services to our community.”

The US Coast Guard Auxiliary is an all-volunteer branch of the US Coast Guard that assists in promoting Boating Safety. Flotilla members carry out a variety of Coast Guard missions, including Public Education programs, Courtesy Vessel Safety Checks, Marine Environmental Protection, and assisting the Coast Guard with Search and Rescue missions.

The Eighth Coast Guard District, is an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, providing prevention and response to Marine Safety and Rescue Operations across the South Central United States and the Southeast Region. The Coast Guard Auxiliary augments those efforts through more than 5,700 members in sixteen Divisions, including more than 100 Flotillas. The Coast Guard Auxiliary has Flotillas in the Nashville area and now in Clarksville.

The Auxiliarists and active-duty Coast Guard participated in a long-standing tradition similar to when crew members of a newly christened ship were given pieces of the vessel’s wooden deck. The Charter members were given a Plank Owner Certificate and given the title of Plank Owners of the new Flotilla.

Auxiliarists are citizen volunteers who augment many of the Coast Guard’s non-law enforcement missions. They represent a broad cross-section of the community, among them, fire-fighters, business professionals, active and retired military and others.

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